floor4gym flatline 30mm black rubber flooring
Black Rubber Floor Tiles
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Black Rubber Floor Tiles

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Flatline series 30mm black rubber floor tiles are suitable to use as Crossfit gym flooring.

Flatline gym rubber flooring tiles have the dimensions 100X100 cms. Each tile is 1 sqm = 10,75 sq ft. High-density (heavy duty) and heavy enough so you don’t need adhesives to fix them. But have a better result we always advise to fix gym flooring tiles with adhesives. Easy to cut with a utility knife.

Flatline Black Rubber Floor Tiles

With our new technology, we have a special surface that is 100 % flat and anti-porous. Anti porous surface technology has the advantage of easy cleaning and more softness than classic rubber gym flooring tiles. Anti porous gym rubber tiles don’t have any bad smell.

Is it Safe for Health?

Flatline series rubber floor mats are an environmentally friendly rubber floor covering. Because of recycling and rebuilt production made from non-toxic and low VOC polyurethane bonding raw materials. There is no contamination like metals, stones, other plastic materials so it is safe for skin touch. Flatline series 30mm is metal-free gym rubber.

Floor4gym Flatline black rubber mats are guaranteed for 2 years against cracking and color defects.

Can I Apply Rubber Floor Tiles by Myself?

Yes, it is easy to cut and adjust flatline series rubber tiles, just you need a utility knife, measure well before where to cut.

Outdoor Usage of Rubber

All our products are suitable to use outdoor, the only point you have to care about leveling of the base floor. You need a flat surface and your base floor need to have a water drainage system otherwise water will always stay on the rubber tiles.

How to Apply Rubber Floors Over Under Heated Floors

You can apply rubber tiles (Flatline and Luna series) over-under heated floors to avoid any risk to broke your under heating system you always have to prefer thick mats (minimum 30mm thickness)

Odour Problem of exercise mats, Does it Smell?

During production, we use odorless chemicals so the smell that you are going to feel will be like a brand new automotive. After a few weeks, you won’t feel any more smell. You can use even unventilated areas.

Is it Difficult to Carry? Are They Heavy?

Flatline series tiles are suitable to carry by yourself (max. product weight is 36 kgs).

Technical Specifications of 30mm Black Rubber Tiles

Bulk density Approx. 1000 kg/m3

Ultimate tensile strength (N/mm2) 1.38 (DIN 53455)

Tolerance dimensions: +/- 0,4%

Tolerance thickness +/- 1mm

Force reduction >10-18%, depending on material thickness

Temperature stability -30° C to +80° C

Thermal conductivity 0.17 W/(mK) EN 12667

Fire behavior (normal inflammable; B2) EN 13501

Sound improvement Approx.18 dB to 23 dB; depending on the construction

Anti-slip property Class R 10 DIN 51130 Class DS (safer!) EN 14041

Electrical properties -0.7 kV (antistatic)


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General Enquiries

1 Enquiries

  1. October 20, 2020

    hi there
    we've recently bought a load of the square rubber 20mm gym floor tiles. they are excellent, but collect footprints and dirt very easily. We've been mopping them with a normal mop each day after vacuuming. they clean up ok, but as the weeks go on there'es an increasing amount of muddy footprints which aren't coming out of the mats.

    i've read that microfibre mops are best, however the one we bought has too much friction between the microfibre and the mat and will not slide around on the matting.

    what else do you recommend for cleaning these?



    The best way is to vacuum cleaner first and later on with a mop as you do and if you still have problems you can try to use silicone-based cleaners, generally silicone makes the surface shiny, try to use a spray silicone ( same type silicone are sold in the market for automotive to clean the indoor plastic trims of automotive ) but be careful if you use much quantity of silicone you may have a slippery surface.