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Garage Flooring
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When you need to renew your garage flooring what are the alternatives

Garage Floor Tiles

PVC based interlocking tiles are the best option that you can apply yourself. And with several colors and design options.

PCV tiles are durable and easy to apply and have various color alternatives. PVC floor tiles and heavy-duty matting, made from 100% recycled vinyl PVC.

With these mats, you can also use to cover a warehouse because they are strong enough to keep stable under heavyweights.

PCV interlocking garage tiles quickly and easily cover flaking paint and poorly finished or dusty concrete.

Garage Floor Paints

And also there are seamless floor options like concrete, polyurethane, and epoxy. all these options are very durable and the best features of these floors are seamless and very easy to clean.

There are a few types of garage paints, generally, the best option is Epoxy-based floor coating. Epoxy floor coating is one of the best durable materials as a floor. It is widely used in warehouses and production units, because of the seamless and anti porous surface it is anti-bacterial.

The second alternative is polyurethane-based garage floor paint,  both epoxy and polyurethane floor paint are applied the same way and this needs a professional application.

Polyurethane has a better and more smooth finished surface than epoxy and polyurethane is also used as sports hall flooring. Both epoxy and polyurethane coatings have good resistance to chemicals and oils.

If you want to make the application garage floor coating by yourself please carefully the instructions of the producer and care about the time between coats and temperature range.

Remarking and Design of Garage Paints

You can use the same origin topcoat paints (if you have an epoxy floor choose an epoxy topcoat paint) to make any design over your floor.