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What Is The Meaning Of Pratyahara In Yoga

What Is The Meaning Of Pratyahara In Yoga?

If you happen to attend yoga classes, you are usually requested to give your attention to your breath. You are slowly going to a place that occurs outside our senses. Sometimes it’s hard, and sometimes it’s easy. You should know that it is a part of an essential path in the eightfold practice of yoga. […]

gym floor protective covering flooringfitness

What is The Best Protective Covering for Gym Floor

Gym equipment is heavy, you will need to cover your existing floor with a protective covering. And also gym equipment is expensive so you need to protect this expensive equipment. If you drop down gym equipment like barbells, kettlebells, and weight plates you may damage your existing floor and gym equipment. Protective Floor Types There […]

polyurethane indoor gym flooring flooringfitness

Polyurethane Coatings for Commercial and Sports

Polyurethane is a widely used material in several industries like automotive, footwear, and flooring. Polyurethane has very unique features as a floor, it is soft and strong t is strong enough to use as a commercial floor in a production unit or a warehouse. Polyurethane is also strong and hard enough to bounce a basketball […]

thickness measurement rubber gym flooring tiles flooringfitness

How to Choose the Gym Rubber Mats Thickness

When you are going to build a new gym you plan for the gym equipment and activities and gym floor. But when it is time to choose the correct gym floor you will have doubts because there are a lot of products, product types, and thickness in the market. Here you will have an idea of how […]

FLOOR4GYM how to avoid gaps between rubber gym tiles

Tolerance of Dimensions on Recycled Rubber Gym Mats

All materials in the world have a tolerance on dimensions because of heat. Heat effects on the lengths of the materials. Even thick and hard train rails get longer in the summertime. This tolerance is much bigger in the rubber flooring mats when you compare with other solid materials like steel or wood because of […]

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