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High durability sprint track flooring for a commercial gym, suitable for push sled and all heavy exercises. Designed for heavy exercises.

Sprint Track Flooring for Gym

What is a sprint track for Gym? The sprint track is a running track for the gym which you can make several exercises. To push heavy sleds is the most common exercise type which you can do over the sprint track.

Sprint Track Types

There are 3 types of floor materials used as sprint track

Rubber Sprint Track

Rubber have a lot of usage area in sports flooring, athletic tracks outdoor are made from EPDM rubber, this is the classic tracks which you can see around the city or in a stadium.

Artificial Grass Track

These tracks are produced from artificial grass and generally used indoor for the gym. Artificial grass is one of the best materials for outdoor usage for gardens and outdoor sports surfaces like football. On these types of applications, it is a common way to use sand and rubber granules to keep the artificial grass leaves standing up. But when it comes to indoor you can not use sand and rubber granules, so the producers developed a new type of artificial grass that is denser and you don’t need infills like sand and rubber granules.

The indoor artificial grass looks like the artificial turf which is used in the golf area. If you choose a classic astroturf that is produced for outdoor usage and if you want to use it indoor than day by day you will see that all the leaves will lay down.

Polyurethane Sprint Track

This type of sprint tracks are produced from PU coating materials, durable and can be coated several times. this is a seamless flooring application the same system is also used as commercial and industrial flooring

Design and Marking on Sprint tracks

All these 3 types of floors can be marked and designed with lines and numbers and some of them are ready marked and ready to use.