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Polyurethane Coatings for Commercial and Sports

Polyurethane is a widely used material in several industries like automotive, footwear, and flooring.

Polyurethane has very unique features as a floor, it is soft and strong t is strong enough to use as a commercial floor in a production unit or a warehouse.

Polyurethane is also strong and hard enough to bounce a basketball on the floor and soft enough for players not to injure themselves.

Polyurethane is used together with a rubber under layer when you are going to build a sports area. The rubber under-layer helps for softness and the polyurethane-based cushion coat and topcoat applied together in layers.

polyurethane coating system flooringfitness

Application polyurethane flooring together with rubber base is a professional job and needs attention and takes time, for every layer you need to wait to dry for polyurethane to be hardened.

polyurethane coating application flooringfitness

If you try to make it faster you will have air bubbles on the surface and these bubbles won’t be nice on the final surface and later on, these bubbles will start to damage the surface.

polyurethane indoor sports hall flooringfitness

And the result is a nice smooth sports surface for indoor.

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