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What is The Best Protective Covering for Gym Floor

Gym equipment is heavy, you will need to cover your existing floor with a protective covering. And also gym equipment is expensive so you need to protect this expensive equipment. If you drop down gym equipment like barbells, kettlebells, and weight plates you may damage your existing floor and gym equipment.

Protective Floor Types

There are two  types of materials to use a protective floor covering, these are rubber and Eva foam

Rubber Floor As Protective Flooring 

Rubber is the common product suitable to use as flooring to protect your gym equipment and floor. There are 2 types of rubber floorings; Recycled rubber mats and virgin rubber mats. Both materials have the same physical effects.

Eva Foam Mats

Eva foam mats have similar protective effects, but these mats are softer than rubber floors. Eva mats commonly used for martial arts.

When we compare gym floor product types

Price range: the most expensive is virgin rubber.

Durability: Virgin rubber and Recycled rubber have the same durability.

Softness: Eva foam mats are softer than rubber floor coverings.

Easy application: both materials have an interlocking system which you can apply by yourself

How to Choose the Gym Floor

When you are going to choose the floor for your gym you need to answer the 2 main questions listed below.

Is your gym in a basement or on the floor?

If you are going to make your gym on a floor than you need a tick floor.

What is the maximum weight you are going to use?

This weight is the weights of barbells, kettlebells, or weight plates. More heavyweights need more thick floor.

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