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FlooringFitness offers several flooring products for your garage gym, you can choose garage gym flooring-related maximum weights you are going to have in your garage.

What is The Best Flooring For Garage Gym?

Your garage probably has a hard-concrete floor. Concrete is durable but has no impact or shock absorption qualities. If you were to drop a heavy dumbbell on a concrete surface, it’d crack, and the damage could be significant.

It is therefore necessary to protect the floor with an insulating material. This will protect both the floor and you during your workout. But what is the best flooring for a garage gym? And are there any materials you should avoid?

The best flooring

Rubber floor tiles are the best flooring for a grg gym. These interlock so can cover specific areas without covering the whole floor. For example, you could have them installed under the squat rack but not where the treadmill is.

A good performance to cost ratio can be found in 12mm thick rubber tiles. These will protect the floor for general fitness work. In areas where weights might be dropped, the floor will need additional protection. We recommend 30 to 40mm thick rubber tiles in free weight areas to provide sufficient impact protection.

And remember – the right gym flooring will help save both you and your floor from harm. It’s always worth buying the best gym flooring you can.

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